For Electronic soldering

Cobix® produces and commercializes fluxes of the R., RMA, RA, Water Soluble, and No-Clean series compositions for most soldering circuit systems. Cobix® fluxes are manufactured under or the finished products to be commercialized.

Alcohol-based VOC Free fluxes are available upon consulation.

For further information of Cobix® products, please request a specific technical record or contact the Application Engineering Department.


Lead Free – Compatible Flux

Cobix® has developed some fluxes compositions compatible to the application of the Lead Free solder. These are specially indicated to be used in wave soldering machines.



Halogen free
Low residue level
Excellent wetting and soldability power
It can be used for spray, foam, immersion bath or brush.
Supplied in 5 or 20 liter bottles.


Guide table – Liquid fluxes


Hydrosoluble Series

Available as:

Activated: low residue level, resin-free, moderate activation. Remove the residues in water.

Super Activated: inorganic salt-based flux, extensive application in the mechanical and automobile industries. Remove the residues in water.

For further details, please require the of your interest, or contact our Application Engineering Department.

Packaging: Available 5 and 20 liters bottles.

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Certificate ISO 9001

Cobix, through its QMS (Quality Management System), is engaged in searching compliance to the customer's requirements, continuous improvement, company and staff's progress and partnership with suppliers.


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