Solder Paste SMD

NCFor SMT, Hybrids, Dispensing and other soldering applications

Cobix® solder paste is a homogeneous mixture of solder metallic power, flow made of resin JAPANESE HARIMAC 140AG and thickening agent.
Each paste formulation is indicated for specific types of applications.

All the produced paste batches are analyzed in the laboratories of Cobix®, assuring and complying with the client's specifications.

Cobix® solder paste requires a short time of preparation to be used and lesser interruption during the operation.
Samples are provided unpon consultation.
For further details, please directly Cobix® or it's representatives.



Cobix® solder paste is produced from alloy powders with an extremely low content of oxides and in spherical shape. For the production of metallic powder, only highly pure metals are used, such as: tin, lead, silver, copper, etc., in addition to the paste compositions Sn 63/Pb 37 and Sn 62/PB 36/Ag 2, Cobix® also produces Lead Free paste such as: Sn 100C, SAC 305, Sn/Cu 0,7 Sn/Ag.


Contained Metal

80% is the content of metal recommended for usual situations, where there are excessive defects, such as bridging, due to the pad incorrect design.
85% is recommended for dispenser.
88% is recommended for stencil and screen.
90% is recommended for most surface assembly systems.



Particle size



80 - 300 Kcps - light consistency, pin transfer and special applications.
300 - 450 Kcps – dispenser application.
450 - 750 Kcps - heavy consistency and reflection-resistant
800 - 1110 Kcps - viscous, resistant to the fall of the pastefrom stencil.


Storage Recommendations

The solder paste Cobix NC 140 is valid for 6 months when stored refrigerated. For more information, see the Product Data Sheet.



Jars - 500 g
Cartridges - 700 and 1000 g.


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Certificate ISO 9001

Cobix, through its QMS (Quality Management System), is engaged in searching compliance to the customer's requirements, continuous improvement, company and staff's progress and partnership with suppliers.


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