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The soldering process called "zero defect" requires a consistent solder quality In the automatic wave soldering process, in SMD or conventional circuits, potential soldering defects cause a cost-increasing.

The presence of contaminant material and oxides during the soldering process causes bridges, short circuits, drops and dewetting.

The Cobix® solder "Dross Free Alloy®", granted with ISO 9001.2000 certification, offers a higher performance and greater guarantee during the soldering process. The "Dross Free Alloy®" standart is also present in the fluxe-cored solder wire, solid wire, anodes, laminate and others solder forms.

Cobix® only uses high-quality raw material for its alloy production.

The solder "Dross Free Alloy®" reduces formation of oxides due to its extremely high purit level. Oxides dissolved in metal are not related to the contamination of metallic impurities, but they may directly affect the soldering process performance.




Cobix® Solder Characteristcs

  • Produced with primary metals;
  • Low content of contained oxides;
  • Low dross incidence;
  • Defects reduction, such as bridging and icycling;
  • Excellent soldering joints;
  • Excellent wetting power;
  • Low superficial tension compared to other market brands;
  • Available in cast or extruded bars;
  • Available in lead free alloys;
  • Compatible to all kinds of flux.


Dross Test

During the manufacturing process, Cobix® Solder is processed with a Dross Free treatment, in order to reduce to minimum the possible oxides dissolved in the alloy.

In the following figures, we can note the differences between "before" and "after" the treatment.


  • Greater wetting power ;
  • Reduction in the incidence of short circuits;
  • Better soldered junctions;
  • Increase in the solder's shining characteristics.

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Certificate ISO 9001

Cobix, through its QMS (Quality Management System), is engaged in searching compliance to the customer's requirements, continuous improvement, company and staff's progress and partnership with suppliers.


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