More than 25 years of innovation and development

Cobix is a national company which was founded in 1991 and is formed by experts in the tin area and its by-products.

Since its beginning, the company has been implementing its participation in the market of products and services, by developing new technologies in the manufacture of tin-based solder, SMD pastes, liquid fluxes, etc and sice 2000, it has local production solder paste for SMD.

Cobix attends to all Brazillian sections, by either its representatives or its external sales teams, besides keeping a telemarketing and sales service in its main facilities.

Cobix possesses equipments adapted to assist to the growing need of quality in solders products, support and attendance.

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Certificate ISO 9001

Cobix, through its QMS (Quality Management System), is engaged in searching compliance to the customer's requirements, continuous improvement, company and staff's progress and partnership with suppliers.


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ISO: 9001